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By Ed Ferrigan | Marketing

Thrive Themes World Class Marketing Websites

Pros: Thrive Themes A WordPress Theme For Marketers makes looking professional simple; Marketing oriented; No programming necessary unless you want to; Robust suite of add on tools; Excellent support

Cons: Requires more software for their membership tool; Doesn't connect to ThriveCart unless you use third party membership software to protect pages

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to a very powerful Theme for WordPress that will not only make you look really professional but will also gain you more customers faster than any WordPress theme or set of tools I’m aware of.

When I started internet marketing 4 years ago I was overwhelmed in the maze of all the things a person needs to know to be successful. For this article, we’ll stick with setting up your website even though it is only one small piece of the overall puzzle.

What to Prioritize When Deciding On A Website Platform

Building a website can be a daunting experience so let’s break this down into smaller bits so you can make sense out of it.

The first thing to consider in creating your website after you have established who will host your website (See HostGator), is what platform you want to use. There are many choices out there, WordPress being the most popular.

Initially, I started out on Weebly and quickly discovered I looked cheesy and realized I could not create the look and feel that made me feel proud about my site. It did not accommodate my personality or business needs.

Then I went over to another platform that allowed me to create a Facebook like eco-system. That system was called SocialEngine. It was way over kill, cost a lot of money, and was a technical nightmare to support. And I never could get it to look the way I wanted. After spending hundreds of hours and a few thousand dollars I gave up and took the advice of a website developer who encouraged me to look at WordPress.

Even with WordPress there is a lot to know but it’s worth the effort to learn it.

If you are experienced with WordPress then you’ve already been through the drill, but if not here is some of what you will become familiar with:

How to use WordPress; how to install a theme; how to setup a theme; how to use and install plug-ins; how to choose from the hundreds of plugin choices out there; what to do when a plug-in conflicts with the theme you are using or other plug-ins…

Right about now you may be thinking OMG! Relax, these are not difficult to learn.

My encouragement is if you are thinking of anything other than WordPress stop right now and reconsider. Go with WordPress. Enough said!

Key Points:

  • Use WordPress to significantly increase your chance of success
  • There is a learning curve even with WordPress
  • WordPress is the industry standard and offers themes that can accommodate your personality and marketing needs that all websites need to address in today’s marketplace

Your Prospects First Impression

The next thing to consider is what initial impression you want to make to people landing on your website. The theme you choose for WordPress will reflect this image. Never forget that you have 3-5 seconds to make a good impression. I suggest you use it wisely.

If you don’t stand out as unique and professional with a certain look and message that communicates “we have what you need,” you will lose people who land on your site.

Pick a theme that you feel really good about and that looks clean so your messages come across clearly and professionally.

Key Points:
  • Does your theme look professional and create a positive initial impression
  • You have 3-5 seconds to make people feel at home
  • The first impression, your page communicates is we have what you need” here

What To Demand Of Your Theme

Now let’s look at what else to consider when picking a theme.

Here is the checklist:

  • Ask yourself, “Will I like the look and feel of my site if I use this theme?” - ideally without a lot of work or technical programming in HTML or short-codes to make it look good?
  • Does your theme accommodate marketing best practices like allowing you to easily create an opt-in (A way to collect a name and email address) above the fold on your home page?
  • Does your theme look as beautiful on a mobile device as a desktop system?
  • Does your theme allow you to gain new leads through a multitude of lead collecting techniques?
  • Does the theme allow you to build pages quickly and precisely? In particular, sales pages and opt-in pages.
  • Does the theme have templates you can use to minimize the need to hire a designer and the effort required to produce the page?
  • Does the theme allow you to link your opt in fields (name and email) via API to your autoresponder system?
  • Is the theme fast so potential customers don’t wait for your images or pages to load? (Later you’ll see that Thrive Themes optimizes all images)
  • Does the theme founders offer technical support so you don’t have to hire technical people? (Ask if they will give you the CSS scripts to accommodate formatting needs when they come up)
Key points:
  • Use the checklist above to make a good decision about your theme
  • Your success will directly reflect your ability to find a theme that meets the checklist criteria
Your Theme Must Accommodate Good Marketing Practices

If you are selling products, you will want a theme that not only looks awesome but is also designed to market you in an elegant way. You don’t want to appear sleazy or like a beginner.

One aspect of marketing is to not only look professional but to seem trustworthy. Let’s face it, if you want to make money on the internet you must understand this aspect of marketing and your theme must accommodate it.

We all have been scammed before and the internet is loaded with scammers so we are naturally vigilant for seeing things that raise our suspicion or lower our interest.

Here is one of my sites where you can see this in action.

Your theme should allow you to communicate simplicity and high value just by the impression it leaves people with right off the bat.

What does a person see that communicates safety or not? Here are some ideas: correct fonts, the right bolded words, headline fonts that go well with the body copy (a big mistake by website authors).

Do you have “salesy” messages - phrases that scream “I want your money” rather than “here is how I can support and help you out”?

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Don’t fall into the trap of copying others communication style, especially if you study internet marketing. The overall tone in internet marketing is “I’m gonna sell you something.” It took me a while to figure out I was adopting their tone without realizing it. Then one day someone pointed out to me that my sales page didn’t sound like me. A lightbulb went off, and I realized I had not given myself permission to use my own voice.

Your words of choice are absolutely essential but equally important is how your body copy is organized and laid out on the page. If it’s confusing, people will feel it, be annoyed then leave without getting what they are looking for.

Your job as a professional marketer is to make your message simple and easy to understand. The person reading your message must feel that you understand their need(s) and that you can solve it for them.

The job of your theme is to make it super simple to lay out your page without knowing how to program in HTML.

Thrive Themes not only has really beautiful themes, it has a cohesive set of tools to help you with these marketing demands. It is now my favorite theme.

The first tool is called Thrive Content Builder & Landing Pages. With this tool, you will transform the way you build web pages for your website.

Thrive Themes Content Builder

This tool allows you to build beautiful pages without needing to know any code. Frankly, after testing dozens of other themes and products on the market, I could not imagine running a website without it.

For a couple years I used the industry standard marketing oriented theme called Optimize Press, but after using Thrive Themes for a week I switched all my sites over because of ease of use and the time it saved. That was over a year ago and I could not imagine ever switching away from it.

You can peruse my sites so you can see the different themes here:

Another tool in the suite is called Thrive Headline Optimizer. This tool gives you the advantage of testing out different headlines for your blogs.

Think of the time, money, and insight gained if you enter in multiple headlines and the tool automatically sorts out which is the best headline? I know of no other theme that has a suite of support tools to make your message shine.

If you don’t capture people’s attention with a good headline, there is a pretty good chance they won’t read the article. Google tracks all of this so it’s money well spent if you want more traffic.

That leads us to another great tool in the suite of tools Thrive uses to support their family of WordPress themes.

Don't Be Afraid To Charge For Your Knowledge

I want to state to never forget that nothing really matters about having a website until there is a mutually satisfying exchange of money and knowledge.

You must be ok with receiving money for your knowledge.

Your website is the gateway to make this happen in the most optimal way. That said, now let’s look at the tool that can significantly impact your mail list.

The Infamous Name Capture Process

The next of the sales process, after your first impression, is to clearly communicate that you can solve your prospects' problems. This starts with a blog or an ad that promises something.

Most people, though, will not make a buying decision right off. It takes time to cultivate a relationship.

Within the blog or on the page you need a way to capture a person’s email address so you can stay in touch with them. And you need to do it in a way that doesn’t turn them off.

Once you capture their name and email, you will use email marketing campaigns to build a long term relationship.

Thrive Themes has the best tool on the market for doing this. It’s called Thrive Leads. It accommodates all the latest forms of collecting a lead from your pages and they include:

  • Exit Pop forms to either collect the persons name or to redirect them somewhere else. This is that pesky pop’s up that shows when a person tries to leave the page.
  • Pop-up forms when someone clicks on a link.
  • Slide in forms that get triggered as a person scrolls down a page.
  • Sidebar forms that advertise a certain solution.
  • Two step opt-in boxes.
  • Short code inlays to embed opt-ins within your text
  • Full page slide in opt-in to minimize distractions
  • A Share Gate that forces someone to give you an email before they can download something right there on the page. (without needing to get the email link)

There is just about every option imaginable to capture the lead in a way that best suits your page, style, or individual preference. My preference is to bury the link in the page and create the right context through a blog so the person has less resistance. For example, if you want the best checklist ever on how to be successful in internet marketing just click on these words. (check back in the next few days for this awesome checklist)

Key Points:
  • Your theme should support excellent marketing features
  • Your theme design should encourage you to look trustworthy
  • Your theme should support a cadre of tools that enhances your ability to be an effective marketer
  • The tools that integrate with your theme should offer elegant lead capturing as your mail list is the lifeblood of your business
  • Thrive Themes is my favorite choice for ease of use, superior support, and offers an unbeatable suite of tools to make you a world class online marketer

There you have it. A quick run down of some essentials to be thinking about to make your website world class.

I am an affiliate for Thrive Themes because I love and believe in the company so much. So when you use my links it allows me to get paid for referring you. You don’t pay any extra for this.

This allows me to continue to pay for the time involved in managing this website and creating content that will be useful to you, ideally, saving you tons of time and money.

If you are wanting a demonstration of the Thrive Themes tools just let me know and I'm happy to give you a demonstration. Please complete this form and I will contact you shortly after. Thanks for using my links to investigate Thrive Themes.

Be sure to post your comments and questions below and I’m happy to help you out. If you think this article was valuable please share it with your friends. If any of your questions did not get answered please post them below. Thanks.


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