Market Samurai: Narrowing The Right Keywords

By Ed Ferrigan | SEO

Digital Marketing Product Reviews promotes Market Samurai is a world class SEO research tool

Pros: Easy to navigate and learn; excellent training videos; makes searching for your keywords simple and more thorough; regular updates

Cons: Still says Beta after three years of using it!

Market Samurai is an indispensable tool for narrowing keywords. If you are going to get serious about internet marketing, there will be a point in time where you will want to know how SEO works.

I spent my first four years avoiding SEO, and I paid a huge price for it. Here’s why. In the beginning, I just posted pages without consideration to SEO. The result was I didn't get traffic. I had spent all of my time trying to understand funnel marketing and neglected SEO on all of my sites. As a consequence, I missed out on organic traffic and lots of potential customers. I would also argue if you don't understand or optimize for SEO, you are out of touch with what people are typing in to locate your services or product.

It takes a while for the search engines to download and tag your pages, so they show up in the daily searches. To get on the front page of Google, you will need a way to narrow your keywords to a few and get noticed. Market Samurai solves this problem.

Market Samurai will automatically pull the data from Google AdWords then do some math to narrow the list of best opportunities for you. It’s an enormous time-saver.

What Makes Market Samurai Unique

There are dozens of tools out there to locate keywords. Most of them, however, do not give you a formulaic way to narrow the list of words that you can use for keywords on your blog or website. For example, let’s say you are looking for keyword opportunities for the word ‘Relationships’. A quick search in Google AdWords will tell you there are around 40,500 people doing searches on this search term monthly. Your first reaction might be “Wow!” that’s perfect. But wait a minute there is something else to consider, and this is where Market Samurai pays for itself in spades

In this video you will see a comparison between Google AdWords Research and Market Samurai

What Else You Need To Consider Before Selecting Keywords To Use

Market Samurai will quickly help you to see what is going on behind the scene. See the video below for a complete demonstration.

Market Samurai quickly does the market research for you to determine if your keywords are worth investing your time and energy into promoting.

Think about this for a minute. Imagine selecting the word ‘Relationships’ as your primary keyword and after months and 20 blogs later you are still not on the front page of Google searches. You’d be scratching your head wondering where you went wrong as Google told you it was a highly sought out key-word. Well, it’s not quite that simple.

Market Samurai first gives you the primary keyword (in this case ‘Relationships’) but will also give you the list of related keywords and phrases. These are the same keywords and phrases that Google Keyword Planner provides. Then Market Samurai goes one giant step forward to help you to find out if the keyword is worth pursuing.

It does the calculations against several measures in the marketplace to so you know in advance what you might be up against before you make such a time-consuming investment. Market Samurai breaks it down into two areas: Off Page and On Page Competition.

Off Page Competition

In the Off Page Competition Market Samurai measures how well the keyword does with the top competition against ten metrics:

  • Domain Age
  • Citation Flow
  • Trust Flow
  • Index Count
  • Referring Domains - Domain
  • Page Backlinks
  • Domain Backlinks
  • Domain Backlinks Page for .edu/.gov Backlinks
  • DMOZ Directory

I'm not going to get into the details of each of these as it is beyond the scope of this review. If you are concerned, then take the time to research what each of these means. Within the Market Samurai tool, they do give you a short explanation. I suspect the people behind this product are experts at SEO.

On Page Competition

Then Market Samurai measures the competition on how well they rank for ‘On Page’ SEO.

Things like:

  • Keyword in the title?
  • Keyword in the URL?
  • Keyword in the description?
  • Keyword in the header tag?

Are you starting to see the bigger picture here? When I discovered this tool, I immediately started testing all of my keywords. You can do the same thing and save yourself hours and hours of research.

And it gets better. Market Samurai also provides a color-coded matrix so you can quickly at a glance see if the keyword is too competitive or not. Now, I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine doing this kind of task manually.

So take a look at the video and see for yourself. It’ had been a while since I had purchased Market Samurai back in 2012 so I recently (April 2016) emailed the company and asked them if it was still a good tool to use because of all the market changes. I got a response of “more than ever” and that they use it in-house for their decision-making.

Over the past few weeks, I did a deep dive into SEO. There are several programs on, and I found many resources to help with locating the right keywords. Another good way to discover the right keywords is to look at what your competition is using. Most of them were between $69 and $100 a month.

Now you know why I give Market Samurai a 5-star rating. It’s an indispensable tool you will want to be successful online. If you decide to get it, please use my affiliate link. Be assured you do not pay any more when you use affiliate links. It will help me out, and gives me the fuel to keep letting you in on these powerful tools to make your business startup succeed in the shortest time possible.

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