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By Ed Ferrigan | Hosting

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Pros: Nicely accommodates WordPress installs; Fair price; Meets server requirements for special needs; Will support WordPress install questions; Fast servers

Cons: Doesn't work well with more than 2-3 email accounts in Apple mail; can take a while for tech support to answer the phone​

If you are going to have an internet business you are going to need a hosting company to host your files for you on a server somewhere. In the beginning of my deep dive into internet marketing, I started out like a lot of people using GoDaddy. That was initially fine but back then they seem to be having a lot of support issues. I was constantly fixing things related to the back end setup and had a hard time locating my URL’s and maintaining them. Hard to tell if it was “me” because of my newness to the industry or the way many of these companies assume you are technically oriented so their websites use a LOT of technical jargon.

In general here is what I remember:

  1. Their interface was not very streamlined and constantly changing.  I regularly needed to refer to notes on how I did something the previous time. That is a clue their interface was non-intuitive and a huge time waster.
  2. At the time, they were reluctant to support my questions about WordPress - an essential requirement today.
  3. I was told by a couple of good programmers they were lacking some other features that optimize the speed, protection of my account, and some other PHP thing-a-ma-bobs…

Eventually, I switched over to Host Gator who was bought out soon after. Like any relationship it has been rocky at times but I continue to use them and find it very easy to navigate. Here is what I find:

  1. They can take quite a while to answer my calls. I am often on hold for 20 minutes which I think is pretty standard.
  2. Their staff the past year has been excellent. Very knowledgeable and helpful with any WordPress or file questions I may have. Although I do get annoyed with them wanting to constantly survey my call….taking up more of my time.
  3. They have automated several features I need fairly often and the process is very straightforward. For example, installing an SQL database which I need for my Amazon Affiliate FreshStores. WordPress is easy to install with the new Installer. Creating an “Ad-On Domain” is very straightforward. Adding an email account is super simple.
  4. I have also purchased the yearly backup system they offer and I find it to be excellent. Fortunately, I have not needed to use it but I feel better knowing my domains are all protected.
  5. C-Panel can initially seem daunting but today it is a requirement to maintain your account. I will produce a video giving “newbies” an overview of what to expect. It can seem overwhelming at first but after a few visits, you can handle it.
  6. I recommend not setting up more than a few email accounts within your C-Panel. For example, let's say you have account. When I first started setting up my domains I thought I needed lots of emails. I had [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and so on. It was a horrible headache to track and for some random reason when Apple Mail checked for mail (on all three my computers) it overloaded my account and shut down access to my websites when the HostGator system got triggered on too many pings to the mail system. I never did fully resolve this until I settled for one or two emails. Hostgator constantly blamed Apple mail so it never did get resolved until I just settled for a few emails. This was a good solution anyway as now it is far easier to track what emails I use on each of my accounts.

Hostgator New Customer Portal Overview

Hostgator C-Panel Overview

As a final word, I’ll mention that I have the “Baby” account that cost me roughly $7 a month. I purchase it in 3-year increments to get the discount. Within this account, I have 7 Add-On domains under my main domain. When your domains are set up as “Add-On Domains” they appear as stand-alone domains and do not have a prefix of the primary account. If you want your web address to “appear” to be stand alone then set them up as Add-On Domains.

When your domains are set up as “Add-On Domains” they appear as stand-alone domains and do not have a prefix of the primary account.

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To use HostGator click on this link. I’m an affiliate for HostGator so will receive a commission if you use my link. This is what allows me to afford the time to write these reviews so I appreciate your support.

Please comment or place your questions below. I will help as best I can but remember you are far better ahead if you are having issues to call tech support to help you resolve them. The goal of this review is not to provide technical support but rather help you to make a good decision on your hosting choice.


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