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Digital Marketing Product Reviews is a website created for new internet marketers. On this website you will find reviews for products marketed by all the internet guru’s like Eben Pagen, Jeff Walker, Amy Porterfield, Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins etc..

Save your self time and a lot of money by reading the reviews first.

The reason for this website was 4.5 years ago when I got started I was overwhelmed with the amount of information I had to learn to be an internet marketer.

What I discovered was ALL of the internet marketers left out essential information to make money on the web selling my products or services. This is not intentional but it forced me to search high and low for the reasons I was not succeeding.

Sometimes it’s better to not give out information when it may not fully apply to the product you purchased. For example, you may learn some cool formulas for coming up with a headline on a sale or opt-in page but what the GURU didn’t tell you was unless you understand where your audience is in their Level Of Awareness about your product or service you may shut them down before they even watch your video sales letter or read your page because you were too direct in your approach.

It is my hope that you will get the information you need on this site to fill in these gaps and be successful immediately rather than giving up after spending a fortune on FaceBook ads and still not getting the results you intended.

They say less than 1% of the people who attempt to sell on the internet make it. I’m hoping to change that with the information on this site.

Here is how you can help out...​

Create Engagement: Be sure to comment and post your questions under the reviews.

Share With Your Internet Marketing Friends: Be sure to click on the share buttons when you read something that you believe other's will benefit ​ from.

Also, I will post reviews on both products I love and product I question. Sometimes you will find I am unhappy with the support for the product but that doesn’t necessarily mean its a “bad” product.

I may still recommend getting it because it serves a better function than if you did not get it.

Use The Links To Buy: Where ever you see links to certain products I may have an affiliate link. This means I get paid if you buy the product after clicking on my link. This, along with advertising, is how I am able to pay for this site. If you like the insider information then please use my links to buy the products.

Thanks for your support!

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